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Unitron's Flex:trial program lets you try hearing aids at home, at church , in restaurants with friends and family to show you how well hearing aids can help you!

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Hearing aid manufacturers are always doing research to improve the quality of hearing aids.  There are lots of features of hearing aids that 




Only 1 week of using hearing aids and my experience has been life changing. Much easier to have conversations in noisy environments. I don't ask folks to repeat themselves as often previous to using hearing aids. Also can better understand British accents when watching British TV and movies. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful with all questions and or concerns. 

Dave, State College


 I recently purchased my fourth set of hearing aids from Centre Audiology.  My experience convinced me that both Dr. Foust and Robin Cooke had the goal of providing all possible assistance in optimizing the effectiveness of my Unitron hearing aids.  They've already met with me three times to better program the hearing aids to hear under different conditions.  In summary, they are a level above any other hearing aid providers that I have dealt with over the years. 

Jan, State College


I work outside and perspire heavily.  My Unitron Moxi Dura hearing aids never shut down like my old ones did. They do a great job for me as I work outside all the time.  If you need hearing aids with good performance in wet conditions, these are great. Thanks Centre Audiology!

Eric, Bellefonte

Nanette's Story

A video about one patient's journey with hearing aids.


A good video that explains how hearing aids work.